Passport Scams

Avoid Scams and Paying for Unnecessary Services

When you search online for how to get a passport fast, you may see websites offering online form-fillers, expedited services, and courier delivery. Are any of them worth paying for?

Get the right information:

The best online source for information about passports is the official US Department of State website at: Adamstown Area Library is an official passport acceptance facility. If you have additional questions, contact us at 717-484-4200.

Fraudulent offers:

In order to get a passport for the first time, you need to appear in person at a passport acceptance facility. You cannot submit an application online through a courier company.

Do not pay to fill out forms:

Application and renewal forms are available for free on the US Department of State website. You can fill out the form online or by hand. You never need to pay for this. If you don’t have internet access, stop by the library or any passport acceptance facility to get the forms. Again, these should always be free.

Appointments are free:

It is free to make an appointment to process your passport application. The Department of State website notes that “We do not charge a fee to make an appointment at a passport agency or center. If you are asked to pay for an appointment, you should consider the request to be fraudulent.” For regular or expedited travel, call the library or other passport acceptance facility to make an appointment. For urgent travel, schedule here:

Courier Companies:

Courier companies offer to hand-carry your application to the Department of State. However, there are only limited situations where this is necessary or even possible. In order to have a courier hand-carry, you must have proof of travel within the next 14 days (or 28 days if you need a visa). If you do have urgent travel in the next two weeks, you can schedule an appointment directly with the Department of State instead. Courier services can be expensive. It may be worth it to you if you have proof of urgent travel in the next few weeks and are unable to travel to Philadelphia or other passport agency yourself. Make an informed decision.

Not sure whether you need regular, expedited or urgent processing? See what the US Department of State recommends for your situation:

See what the Department of State says about courier companies:

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