3D Printing

The AAL now has one 3D printer available for use in the Community Room, a PRUSA filament-based printer . Our 3D printer was made possible through generous support from the Friends of the Adamstown Area Library.

For information on how to print, see the tutorials below, e-mail 3DPrinter@adamstownarealibrary.org  or call the Library at (717)484-4200 to set up an appointment for a printing demo.

PRUSA 3D Printer Information:

  • Original PRUSA i3 MK3S+
  • PLA Filament Available for Use
  • Build plate dimensions: 24.8 cm wide, 21.0 cm high, and 21.0 cm deep (or 9.8 in wide, 8.3 in high, and 8.3 in deep)
  • All objects must be sized to fit in this build plate

Pricing Information:

  • $1.00 per hour of printing charged in 15 minute increments — Example: A print job taking 1 hour and 15 minutes would cost $1.25
  • Total amount to be paid upon pickup of print job.

Printing Resources

Our Printing Guidelines

Submit a 3D Print Request

Websites we recommend:

  • Thingiverse – Find designs that are ready to print here.
  • Tinkercad – Create 3D Printable objects using simple shapes
  • Printables – Homepage for the creator of our 3D Printer and a place to download free designs



Library Workshops (registration required):


Image of MKS3+ 3D printer
Image of Library’s MKS3+ 3D printer
PRUSA logo 3D print
Our first 3D print: the printer manufacturer’s logo.
This 5″ round castle took 13 hrs 15 mins to print
Printing in process
This shows Nefertiti with supports that are removed after printing. This model printed in about 8 hours.