Trans Day of Visibility

March 31 is International Transgender Day of Visibility. #tdov

Trans Day of Visibility is set aside to celebrate the accomplishments of trans and non-binary people and raise awareness of the discrimination that people face.

Trans and non-binary people are a part of our local community. According to a Pew Research Center survey, 42% of adults in the United States personally know someone who is transgender or goes by gender-neutral pronouns.

Libraries serve every member of the community. The American Library Association (ALA) encourages libraries to create safe environments for gender diverse, transgender, and intersex library users, stating that, “Discrimination based on gender identity or expression is damaging to the health of children, families, and society. Libraries must actively affirm and support the safety and rights of transgender people.”

If you’d like to learn more, consider one of these books at the library or on Libby.



The natural mother of the child : a memoir of nonbinary parenthood by Krys Malcolm Belc

All boys aren’t blue : a memoir-manifesto by George M. Johnson.

Sorted : Growing up, Coming Out, and Finding My Place (a Transgender Memoir) by Jackson Bird (eBook)

Fiction by Trans and Non-binary Authors

The Thirty Names of Night : a novel by Zeyn Joukhadar

The Echo Wife by Sarah Gailey

Lost in the Never Woods by Aiden Thomas

Queen of the Conquered by Kacen Callender

Confessions of the Fox : a novel by Jordy Rosenberg. (also available as eBook)

Hell Followed with Us by Andrew Joseph White. (eBook)

Between Perfect and Real by Ray Stoeve. (eBook)

In Deeper Waters by F.T Lukens. (eBook)

Titles of Interest

Diary of a misfit : a memoir and a mystery by Casey Parks (New)

Unbound : Transgender Men and the Remaking of Identity by Arlene Stein (eBook)

The Pride Guide: A Guide to Sexual and Social Health for LGBTQ Youth by Jo Langford (eBook)