Father’s Day Reads

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21st!

Four-year-old Susie gives her dad her idea of the perfect Father’s Day: A fast food restaurant for lunch, feeding birds at the park, a ride on the carousel, the swings . . . they even top their day off with balloons!

It’s the night before Father’s Day, and Mom and the kids have a plan to surprise Dad with a special gift.

Harvey doesn’t know what to get his father for Father’s Day.

It’s Father’s Day at last, and Froggy is so-o-o excited.

Full of short, simple words and silly rhymes, this book is perfect for reading alone or reading aloud with Dad!

Whether your dad walks you to school or walks you to the bus, whether he wears suits or two different socks, whether he has a lot of hair or a little, no matter what kind of daddy you have, every father is special in his own unique way.

It’s time for serious kitchen fun!

Military daddies and mommies do all kinds of jobs in all kinds of places, but there’s one thing every military child knows for sure – “My Daddy is a Hero!”

Loving and thoughtful, playful and daring, cuddly and caring–daddies are awesome.

All week long, a boy and his father look forward to their Friday ritual–breakfast at their favorite diner.

As he floats through the sea, Mister Seahorse meets a Mr Stickleback, Mr Tilapia, Mr Kurtus and many other fish fathers caring for their eggs and babies in the most surprising ways.

From exploring dark caves to leading a marching band to even being a space alien, a father’s love is unconditional, and he will do anything to make sure all of his child’s dreams come true.

One cold day Mouse and Poppa venture into the clear white world.

Little Wolf can hardly wait. Tonight he will howl at the moon to the top of the sky.

Baby and Daddy can cuddle and count along with this hug-and-read book perfect for Baby’s teeny, tiny hands.

Three children describe how they feel when one of their parents is away.

Mama’s away one night, and her son can’t sleep.  He tries to relax by counting stars, but the more of them he sees, the more determined he is to count every single one.

Baby bear is the littlest bear in his family, and sometimes that’s not so easy.

Saturday with Daddy is the best day of the week!

Animal daddies comfort their babies, hold them tight, and face every danger for them.

Little Bear likes to visit Grandmother and Grandfather Bear.