Mister Car Wash Fundraiser

Next time you want to get the car spiffed up stop in to the library first!

For a limited time we are selling car wash passes to raise funds for the library.

These passes cost the same as they would at Mister Car Wash, but the library gets 50% of the purchase price!

Passes can be used at any Mister Car Wash location, and also make the perfect holiday stocking stuffer.


Express Car Wash

$9.00 per pass

Exterior Wash Only

Car Wash with T3 Conditioner

T3 is a cleansing conditioner which creates

a chemical reaction in which the solution and

the dirt repel each other, making dirt

literally away as the T3 Cleansing

Conditioner purifies the

paint surface.


Full Service Car Wash

$22.00 per pass

Base Express package PLUS:

Interior service includes carpet and

seat vacuum, dusting of the dash and

console area and cleaning of

interior windows.




$20 per pass

Exterior Wash Only

Base Express package PLUS:

Hotshine Carnauba Wax

Repel Shield to protect exterior finish

N1 Protectant – an extra layer of protection to boost shine

Underbody wash, wheel clean, tire shine and wheel polish

No Interior Cleaning


Passes never expire! Use at any Mister Car Wash location.

And again prices are the same if purchased at Mister Car Wash! However, the library gets 50% of the amount.