Gifts and Donations Acceptance

The Adamstown Area Library welcomes donations of books and materials from all members of the community, and is pleased to accept all usable items in various formats. All donated items will become the property of the library.

When donating items to the library, the library reserves the right to:

1. Determine the disposition of all donated materials without consulting the donor. An exception may be made if the Library Director considers a donated item to be of considerable value, or if a donor insists that an item be included in the collection only;

2. Inspect all donated materials for condition and copyright date.

3. Decide if the donated material meets the criteria established in our Materials Selection Policy.

4. Include materials in the library’s collection, if deemed appropriate.

5. Include donated materials in the library collection without any restriction upon circulation, unless placed in the Reference section.

6. Offer all materials not used in the collection to the Friends of the Adamstown Area Library for sale.

7. Discard all materials not considered suitable for resale because of date of publication, relevancy, or general condition.

8. Donation receipts will be in the form of a ‘thank you’ note stating the amount received. (Approved May 16, 2001; Revised December 21, 2007)