Emergency Management Policy

The Adamstown Area Library acknowledges that it is not within any of its employees’ expertise to recognize the seriousness or immediacy of any threat made by an individual to the Library building, its staff or patrons, or his/herself. Employees of the Adamstown Area Library are therefore expected and encouraged to call the local police or 911 in any circumstance in which an individual, be it a patron, volunteer, or employee, is making threats of harm to another person, his/herself, or is acting in threatening manner.

If a patron, volunteer, or coworker is in any way violating the Library Code of Conduct for Patrons Volunteers & Employees, and they have been made aware that they are in violation of that Code and still refuse to desist the behavior or leave the premises, employees are expected and encouraged to call the local  police or 911.

If there is an immediate threat to the Library’s facility and/or occupants, including but not limited to, severe weather, bomb threat or fire, the staff member on the premises with the most seniority is authorized to close and/or evacuate the building and inform the appropriate authorities.

In the case of a large scale emergency, including but not limited to, severe weather, fire, release of bio-hazardous materials, or an attack, the Adamstown Area Library will follow the recommendations of local, state, and/or national authorities.

The Library has created a Disaster Plan that is located on the premises as well as in several off site locations. Employees should be aware of the existence of this plan and of how to obtain a copy if/when it is needed.

Employees are encouraged to utilize the Library’s telephone, radio, Internet connection and/or television to monitor an emergency situation.

In the case of inclement weather, the Adamstown Area Library will close or delay opening until weather conditions have improved. During weekends, holidays, or summer vacation, the decision to close the Library due to inclement weather will be made by the Library Director or the staff member with the most seniority on the premises.

If a staff member is alone at the Library and must leave, patrons and  volunteers must be told to vacate the premises and the staff member should close and lock the building. Under no circumstances should the Library be left open to the public without a member of the staff present. (Approved September 17, 2003)