Conflict of Interest and Code of Ethics Policy

CONFIDENTIALITY: All information, decisions, and personnel matters, which as a matter of law are considered confidential, shall not be disclosed except as permitted by law. The identity of our patrons, financial information, and personal information about others are examples of the type of information and knowledge you may gain. This is all confidential, not to be divulged during your employment or after except as specifically authorized. Any failure to observe these important restrictions on disclosure will result in disciplinary action and possibly legal process. No Library documents except public records shall be copied or removed from the office where the person is employed unless permission has been granted by the Director. Freedom of Information Act requests shall be honored. Documents of public record shall be copied when requested with charge, if necessary.

GIFTS AND FAVORS: Payment of commissions or fees to employees by anyone doing business or soliciting business with the Library is prohibited.

POLITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS: No employee may solicit political contributions as a condition of employment or with the intent of providing favors. Employees may make personal political contributions, as permitted by law, but shall not do so with the intent of being reimbursed by the Library.

OUTSIDE SERVICES:  The Library shall engage annually a reputable, independent accounting firm to comply with state requirements. No employee shall knowingly conceal, avoid or deny information or documentation requested by independent auditors in conducting their

RESOLUTION OF QUESTIONS PERTAINING TO ETHICS MATTERS: Should be handled in the same manner as Complaint Resolution, Section XIII, or any employee may, in confidence, communicate directly with the System Administrator.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST: The Library does not object to its employees pursuing work outside the Library provided that such activity does not hinder the employee from meeting the performance standards of their positions with the Library or may lead to conflict with the interests of the Library.
An employee who has outside employment or is engaged in a business activity that the employer questions may conflict with the business interests of the Library should consult with the Director to determine whether any conflict exists or may exist. If conflict does exist, the employee must decide whether to terminate the outside employment or business activity
or to terminate the position with the Library.

EMPLOYMENT OF RELATIVES: Employment of a relative of a current AAL Trustee is prohibited by the Adamstown Area Library. Employment of family members of current employees is allowed based on Board and Director approval. (updated 7.14.21)
If an employee marries or lives in the same household as his or her coworker, one shall be required to resign. If an employee maintains a romantic relationship, marries or cohabitates with a co-worker or AAL Trustee, one of the parties shall resign.