Jump Into Science: Moon

Monday, May 20th 2019

6:30 PM

Have you heard that the Moon is made of green cheese? Or that the appearance of the full moon can turn you into a wolf? And how about that Man on the Moon? If you believe any of these old Moon myths, then you need to get your facts straight—straight from a Moonstruck cat and his firefly pal, that is. These two characters have the real facts, and they’re just as intriguing: Why does the Moon seem to change shape? What is it made of? Who were the men on the Moon, and what did they find there? A Naturalist from the Lancaster County Dept of Parks & Recreation will lead this program, read the story by Steve Tomecek, and guide children through a phases of the moon craft with sponge paints. For preschool through 2nd grade. Registration is required.