Granny’s Panties and Other Unmentionables

Friday, July 10th 2020

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

“Granny’s Panties” explores the many layers of clothing worn by both men and women during the Civil War era. We’ll see examples of each under garment and discuss why each was important. We’ll also learn how styles varied between people of different social statuses, ages, varying locations and even time of day. We’ll look at the accessories used by both men and women and the statements they made. Through this program you will discover that a corset can be comfortable, a cane wasn’t a reflection of a man’s physical condition and why it was beneficial to be poor. Heather Hibbs, owner of Treadle Treasures, reproduces Civil War era clothing for living historians, reenactors and theaters.

This will be a live Zoom event for teens and adults. Register to receive the meeting link.