Census Mobile Questionnaire Assistance Program

Monday, September 28th 2020

11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

With the Sept. 30 deadline loomingwe are teaming up with Adamstown Borough to make a final push to encourage residents to complete the 2020 Census.  While Census workers are going door to door in Lancaster County now, the Census Bureau’s Mobile Questionnaire Assistance program is setting up at the library to help.

The MQA program will be at the NEW LIBRARY, from 11AM to 3PM.  Stop by 110 W Main Street, Adamstown, to scope out the new building and to help your community at the same time!

Accurate Census counts are critical to the community’s future by determining federal representation and how state and federal funding is allocated.

Currently, an average of 71% of our community’s households have self-responded to fill out their Census forms.  Lancaster County currently boasts a response rate of 77%.

We are continuing to work to ensure our community is counted in the census.  It’s is important, safe and easy. There are only nine questions, and it takes 10 minutes to complete.

The MQA program is part of the Census Bureau’s final push to encourage people to complete the 2020 Census in addition to the door-to-door efforts at non-responsive households. At MQA events, census response representatives will help people complete the census on a provided tablet or on their own device and can assist with any questions.

Assistance will be provided while practicing social distancing protocols. All census workers have been trained in social distancing protocols and issued personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks to be worn during MQA support. During all outreach efforts, staff are identified with an ID badge with their name, photograph, a U.S. Department of Commerce watermark seal and an expiration date. MQA locations will have banners bearing the 2020 Census logo.

Residents can continue to respond to the Census online at www.2020census.gov or by phone at 1-844-330-2020.

Location Details

New Library Building old VFW

Location Address

110 West Main Street
Adamstown, PA